Ergonomics RSI

First Post

This is the first entry to my Ergomatters blog. I will be posting to this blog with discussion on various aspects relating to RSI and ergonomics, from a first hand perspective of an RSI sufferer. Hopefully sharing my experiences and findings can help others out there. Keep checking back for future updates.

All of the views expressed in this site are my own views based on living with an RSI type injury. I am neither a physician nor a qualified ergonomist, and as such my views may differ from those who are in those professions. I also suffer from a particular type of RSI condition, which may or may not be similar to your RSI condition, as such you should always consult a doctor as first point of call and make your own choices about how to proceed in dealing with your injury. This site consists of my opinions of what has and has not worked for me, and should therefore be used as a reference as to what avenues you should explore to try to find a solution to your RSI type injury.

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