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Sleeping and RSI

If you suffer from an RSI type condition, it can be aggravated when you least expect it to be ie. during your sleep.

When you actually analyse what position your arms , wrists and hands are in when you wake up, you will more often than not, find them in all kinds of contorted positions. Quite often the wrist can be bent or twisted, causing blood flow restrictions, pinched nerves, and RSI symptoms can be worse when you least expect them to be.

I can quite frequently wake up in the mornings with pain , numbness and tingling in my hands. It is an impossibility during sleep to keep a track of what position you put your arms and hands into, but there is one solution that can help.

If you have been prescribed by your doctor or physiotherapist a wrist brace, it can be more important to wear the brace in bed while sleeping than it is at most other times of the day. The wrist brace (depending on type) will force the wrist into neutral position for the whole night, and give the RSI much needed rest. I personally find the Bauer & Black carpel tunnel wrist brace to be the most comfortable brace for this purpose. Sadly it would seem that this excellent brace has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Whichever brace you end up using, be sure not to over tighten it before going to sleep, blood flow restriction is not the aim here! Be especially careful if you use a snug fitting neoprene style brace, since they may not be best suited for these purposes. If in doubt, ask your doctor or physiotherapist for their recommendations.

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