RSI – Travelling Tensions

It has been a problem for a while now with my RSI condition – air travel aggravates it. There are a few reasons I think that this happens:

  1. Stress of travelling. Let’s face it, in this day and age, any air travel seems designed to stress people out. New security checks delay progress, plus being at airports super early for check-in adds to the tension of flying itself (for me anyway).Being herded around ever busier terminals and waiting to get aboard ever busier flights is not a recipe for relaxation.
  2. There are the physical side effects of carrying heavy luggage around.
  3. There is also the lack of sleep/rest associated with travel, eg different time zones, unfamiliar bed etc.

I find that my arms can sometimes go from minimal pain to maximum pain very quickly, without ever encountering a keyboard or mouse. This, as you can imagine, is a very frustrating side effect living with an RSI condition.

The only solution is to try to reduce stress levels, relax, and rest up for a couple of days after travelling. It’s also important to keep hydrated during a journey. Dehydrated muscles will tend to be less flexible and compound the pain.

It’s definitely one of those ‘living with RSI’ experiences. Many people don’t realise that computer injuries not only affect a sufferer’s working life, but they can also have an impact on many other aspects of their daily lives as well.

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