Articles from September 2007

Typing with Clawed Hands

With any computer input device, it’s how you use it that is important. The prevalence is for keyboard users to use ‘clawed’ hands when using a keyboard to enter text. By this I mean when a user readies their hand position over the keyboard before they type, or whilst in thought between text entries, the […]

Keyboard Pressure

I have had a mixed relationship with keyboards during the course of my injury. I’ve been through a few different types – standard, angled, extended, non-extended, split etc. All have their own positive and negative sides. Even the so called ‘ergonomic’ angled ones.

Medical Solutions – Physical Therapy

Often RSI sufferers will be referred by their doctor for physical therapy, which in my experience can range from ‘wonderful’ to ‘complete waste of time’ depending on the experience and attention of the physiotherapist. The most wonderful physical therapy treatment I received for RSI was when living (and working) in Silicon Valley in California. I […]

Looking Back

RSI has been part of my life for over ten years now. In many ways I can’t remember the pain free time before the condition started. It’s hard to remember how it felt to use a computer and not associate its use with pain. I have in the past often been asked, ‘Why is this […]

First Post

This is the first entry to my Ergomatters blog. I will be posting to this blog with discussion on various aspects relating to RSI and ergonomics, from a first hand perspective of an RSI sufferer. Hopefully sharing my experiences and findings can help others out there. Keep checking back for future updates. All of the […]