Articles from November 2007

Lateral wrist deviation angle and RSI

Lateral (Ulnar) wrist deviation A very common bad ergonomic practice is wrist deviation when using a keyboard. Keyboards have never been the most ergonomically designed devices, and users tend to hold their wrists very central to the keyboard whilst inducing a lateral deviation in their wrist angle. Lateral (ulnar) deviation can eventually lead to wrist […]

Maximum Exposure to RSI

We live in a technology driven world and seem to spend much of our lives using electronic gadgets. These include: computers (mice/keyboards) for our work, gaming, web surfing, emailing, blogging, socialising organisers to plan our lives mobile phones for text messaging, web surfing etc other hand held email devices mp3 players digital cameras laptops game […]

RSI – Travelling Tensions

It has been a problem for a while now with my RSI condition – air travel aggravates it. There are a few reasons I think that this happens: Stress of travelling. Let’s face it, in this day and age, any air travel seems designed to stress people out. New security checks delay progress, plus being […]