Virtual Insanity

On a recent 4 hour bus journey, I was fascinated whilst casually watching a passenger in front of me on her mobile phone. She was sitting with a ‘real’ friend next to her and was not of a  juvenile age group.  What amazed me was that she spent the whole 4 hour journey (no exaggeration) […]

Text Messaging RSI Timebomb

Just came across an old article on mobile phone texting and RSI from 2006. In the article it states that almost 4 million people in the UK are suffering from Repetitive Strain Injuries relating to using their mobile phones for texting. The UK has a high rate of mobile phone use for texting (we are […]

Maximum Exposure to RSI

We live in a technology driven world and seem to spend much of our lives using electronic gadgets. These include: computers (mice/keyboards) for our work, gaming, web surfing, emailing, blogging, socialising organisers to plan our lives mobile phones for text messaging, web surfing etc other hand held email devices mp3 players digital cameras laptops game […]